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How does the Kings Industrial SLA 3D Printer work?8 resin shoe molds made from Kings SLA 3D printer


Comprehensive 3D Solutions Bring Your Idea to Reality

SLA 3D printer, aslo known as stereolithography 3D printer, or laser 3D printer. SLA is an abbreviation of 'Stereo Lithography Apparatus', which is and abbreviated form of stereolithography.

Multi-attribute materials reduce manufacturing cost by 50%

Kings has developed printing materials of various attributes that meet the needs of different industries, which saves more than 50% cost for customers.

No noise, low energy consumption, more eco-friendly

Kings 3D printer brings no noise and the maximum power consumption is lower than 2KW. The 3D printing of model and mould brings no dust or heavy metal pollution, thus providing workers with a healthier environment.

Technical Principle

Focusing on the surface of photocurable material with a laser of a specific wavelength and intensity, from point to line, from line to solidification, complete a level of drawing operation, then move the lifting table vertically in the height of a layer, and then solidify another level. SLA is an additive manufacturing machine that works by focusing ultraviolet laser onto a vat of photopolymer resin. The resin is photo-chemically solidified and a single layer of desired 3D object is formed, the process of which is repeated for each layer until the model is completed.

Technical Advantages

  • Mature: the photocuring molding method is the earliest rapid phototyping process with high maturity and time-testing.
  • Fast speed: prototype made directly from CAD digital models, processing speed is fast, production cycle is short, no cutting tools and molds are needed.
  • Easy design changes: Visualize CAD digital models and reduce the cost of bug fixes.
  • Manufacture of complex structures: it can process prototypes and molds with complex structural shapes or difficult to shape using traditional methods.
  • Short design change cycle: Design changes can be quickly implemented once the design problem is discovered. Samples can be provided  for the experiment, and the results of the computer simulation calculation can be verified.


Home Appliances

To improve design efficiency greatly by printing prototypes of the appliances.
To shorten time of mould manufacturing, which lowers the cost greatly an lower the production cost of resin.


Cartoon Art

1. Stop-motion animation

3D printing technology has more choice in materials, no longer limited to clay and cloth, and greatly improved production efficiency and quality, as  3D printed scenes are more accurate and delicate, and characters' expression and action are more vivid

2. Character and scene design

Printing the major character models effectively reduces the burden of early-stage character design.

3. The development of cartoon derivative products

The application of 3D printing technology, just like provate custom made, makes it possible for cartoon hobbyist to print derivative products according to their preferences. 

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