Essentials Course Overview

Course Description

This course will introduce you to the 3D mechanical design within Autodesk Inventor. You will learn about part modeling, parts assembly and creating production-ready part and assembly drawings. You will also learn how to create a simple animation for your model.

Course Duration

3 Days.


The primary objective of this courseware is to provide students with a thorough understanding of the principal 3D design, validation, and documentation processes necessary for developing products using Autodesk Inventor.

What Will You Learn?

  • Using proper techniques and recommended workflows for creating 3D parts.
  • Create, place and constrain components in assembly.
  • Simulate mechanisms, animate assembly designs, and check for interferences.
  • Document designs and assemblies using appropriate drawing views.

Who Should Attend?

New user of Autodesk Inventor.

Course Outline

✚ Connecting to Inventor’s Interface
  • Modeling concept and workflow in Autodesk Inventor
  • Exploring Autodesk Inventor’s graphical user interface
  • Differentiate Autodesk Inventor files type
  • Using visualization tolls
  • Working with project file

✚ Sketching and Modeling Techniques in Part Design
  • Sketching with dimension and constraints control
  • Extrusion
  • Revolution
  • Sketching on solid face
  • Editing on sketching and part modeling
  • Fillet and chamfer on solid
  • Creating hole in 3D solid
  • Setting application option

✚ Advanced Modeling Techniques
  • Creating complex sweep and loft
  • Creating shell on solid model
  • Multi-body parts
  • Pattern features

✚ Creating 2D Drawings from 3D Data
  • Place views of a part in appropriate position
  • Editing views visualization
  • Adding details to drawing views
  • Dimensioning

✚ Assembly Design Workflows
  • Understanding grounded component concept
  • Apply proper constraint in assembly
  • Applying item from content center
  • Differentiate main and sub-assembly
  • Importance of Bill of Materials

✚ Advanced Assembly and Engineering Tools
  • Top-down design
  • Use assembly design accelerator to save workload
  • Working with express mode

✚ Customizing Styles and Templates
  • Customize style editor
  • Defining a new material
  • Utilize drawing resources in Autodesk Inventor drawing
  • Understanding concept of template in Autodesk Inventor
  • Creating a quick-start template

✚ Creating Advanced Drawing and Detailing
  • Understanding and using advanced drawing views
  • Differentiate sketching on drawing paper on view
  • Utilize advanced drawing annotation tools

✚ Creating Image and Animation from Design Model
  • Benefit of manually or automatically exploded view
  • Learn better way to present your product
  • Making a movie of the assembly
  • Understand the overall workflow of Autodesk Inventor

✚ Working with NonInventor Data
  • Exploring data formats for import and export
  • Sharing AutoCAD data information

✚ Automating the Design Process and TableDriven Design
  • Building a table-driven product
  • Controlling table option

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